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Leitrim Society of Boston
Archved Guestbook - 02/01/99 - 10/30/01

Date: 05 Feb 1999 Time: 01:03:20
Congratulations to the Leitrim Society of Boston for their webpage. Keep up the good work!

Date: 05 Feb 1999 Time: 21:46:30
congratulations fine web page. puts Leitrim well on the map.well done
seamus shanley
Date: 10 Feb 1999 Time: 14:10:25
It's Great to see Leitrim on the Information Highway, The pictures are a lovely touch, please keep up the good work, I'm forwarding this e-mail address to friends in Australia and Ireland, see you at the next meeting
Jimmy Gallagher Jr.
Date: 03 Mar 1999 Time: 14:01:37
Great to see another Leitrim site on the web. I've been researching my Dyer/Dwyer Leitrim ancestors and have found alot of info on various families from Leitrim. Take a look at my genealogy pages at Anyone out there from Kiltubrid parish? My Dyer/Dwyer where from townland Crummy. And there where more scatted around in Oughteragh, Fenagh and Cloone.
Date: 03 Mar 1999 Time: 19:41:15
Hello! I was scanning the Leitrim/Roscommon page when I saw the post regarding your new site. It's great to see more Leitrim sites going on-line. All the best luck! -Greg McGrail "Drumkeerin Genealogy Page"
Date: 03 Mar 1999 Time: 20:11:53
My family is from Co Leitrim and there is a lot of of info on North Leitrim at
Date:03 Mar 1999 Time: 20:36:24
Hello my name is James McCabe my father James B. McCabe was from Corduff, Cloone. My mother Elizabeth Reynolds was from Lisomedaun,Mohill.It is great to see this Leitrim Page on the Net.
Date: 03 Mar 1999 Time: 21:16:55
Thank you for this interesting web site. I am a fourth-generation descendent of Co. Leitrim people--Philip and Anne (nee Kilbride) Owens, probably from the Innismagrath/Drumkeeran region.
Robert J. Owens
Date: 04 Mar 1999 Time: 21:47:03
Your site looks great. Very well done. John Blest Buffalo, NY / Father, John Blest was from Drumkeeran and his Grandmother was Ann Mawn from near Glenfarne.
John Blest Buffalo, NY /
Date:04 Mar 1999 Time: 23:01:02
Good to see more Leitrim sites. Searching for my Fee & Tubman families around Ballinamore who emigrated to Hingham, Ma.
Stina Johnson
Date: 06 Mar 1999 Time: 10:12:13 Dear Sir: I came across your page while trying to research my Leitrim roots. My great grandparents emigrated through Boston around 1880 I would think. Where in Boston should I look for the records.
Jim Clancy Tiverton RI
Date: 06 Mar 1999 Time: 14:54:52
Happy to hear you see you are on line. My ancestors come from Aughansheelin and Aughavas, Caffertys, McTeages,O'Briens and Creamers, and my husband's Morans. Our folks came to Providence,RI circa the 1850's 1880's. Always glad to see more info on Lovely Leitrim.
Gail O'Brien Moran
Date:09 Mar 1999 Time: 22:19:35
Interesting site. I have heard that many Irish entered through Boston. I am searching for the trail taken by James Murphy and Bridget Murphy (nee O'Rourke)DOB 1859, perhaps from leitrim. They settled in Marmora, Ontario. Further info available.
Date: 11 Mar 1999 Time: 20:55:49
Pat, great website! Alot of good info and responses. The pictures are beautiful! Keep up the great work. See you at the meeting.
Eileen Hartigan P.J. Hartigan, Drumsna
Date: 23 Mar 1999 Time: 07:46:38
Jason Burke Great site, good luck
Date: 23 Mar 1999 Time: 16:13:06
Great site. Any Connections to Mcormicks with links to connecticut?
Mark Wrinn
Date: 25 Mar 1999 Time: 19:13:27
Date: 12 Apr 1999 Time: 16:42:53
Great Web page, Charlie McHugh
Date: 24 Apr 1999 Time: 16:46:02
Congrats Leitrim Society Of Boston. Good night had by all at Concannons! Some of you may know of the Glenfarne Schools Reunion 1999 - more information can be got at
Good Luck, from Mark Fitz (Glenfarne/Manorhamilton/Boston).
Date: 25 Apr 1999 Time: 20:09:36
My name is Jim Denning I live in holbrook and i think these are my people can you tell me something about nthis place i need to see you about it too i did visit your booth in stonehill Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864 Denning, James County : Leitrim Parish : Cloonclare Location : Killea Denning, Patrick County : Leitrim Parish : Cloonclare Location : Killea Denning, William County : Cavan Parish : Crosserlough Location : Drumroragh Denning, William County : Leitrim Parish : Cloonclare Location : Killea Cloonclare Leitrim Drumahaire Cloonclare Manorhamilton Cloonclare
email me at
Date: 07 May 1999 Time: 13:05:27
As a New York-born grandson of Leitrim, let me say great job! I look forward to visiting in the near future.
Slan, Peter Kennedy Jr. (Townland of Lisgruddy) e mail:
Date: 10 May 1999 Time: 15:24:54
I look forward to discovering more about this site as time goes on - I only bumped into it May 10! Am still pursuing Murphy/Connolly from Kinlough/Manorhamilton. A long way back for this Charlestownian.
Date: 17 May 1999 Time: 20:28:31
We all had a great time at the West Roxbury Pub for the Installation of the Officers last friday night.
Micheal Gill,Drumsna
Date: 09 Jun 1999 Time: 22:34:31
Great to find this site. I live in Baltimore but originally from Aughavas. Would like to come to Boston for one of your events.
Christopher Charles
Date: 09 Jun 1999 Time: 22:41:29
Just read about the reunion in Leitrim next July-August.
Please send information to: Christopher Charles 1008 Roland Heights Avenue Baltimore, MD 21211
E-mail Thank you
Date: 14 Jun 1999 Time: 18:20:40
While at Stonehill this past weekend I picked up a copy of THE LEITRIM SOCIETY NEWSLETTER 1999 and brought it home. My wife's grandfather came to the U S from Mohil just before the turn of the century. She saw the article about Michael Shanley by Denis Mcgloin and is interested to know the following: My wife's cousin's grandfather was Hugh McGloin,b. May 11, 1896 in Danielson, Ct. Is thereany possible connection with Denis McGloin.
Date: 10 Jul 1999 Time: 22:48:27
I enjoyed the site very much, my grandmother was from County Leitrim,just wish I lived in Mass !!!
Thanks for the pleasant visit, Joan from NJ
Date: 27 Aug 1999 Time: 11:09:22
Hi Everyone Very impressed with your site. Pity I dont live in Boston (live in Dublin). Hope you are all having a wonderful summer.
Best regards F. Folan
Date: 04 Sep 1999 Time: 12:48:15
well I must say excellant job on the site , the other countys have alot of catching up to beat your site , or should I say its a LOVELY (site) LEITRIM!!!
Ciara, donegal side of tullaghan !!!!
Date: 07 Sep 1999 Time: 16:19:42
well done on the LOVELY web site,the other countys have alot of catching up to do!!!! up lovely leitrim !!!!!, ciara donegal side of tullaghan!!! &Boston too!
Date: 06 Oct 1999 Time: 16:39:44
Great site to come home to! I am looking for Irish Poets, or Poets fo Irish ancestry. No scams, competitions or financial requirement.
Patricia e-mail
Date: 15 Oct 1999 Time: 00:14:57
Do you have a bulletin board or queries function? I am researching my paternal grandfather's family, (JAMES LOUGHLIN, b.1883? Ballinaglerah)and just discovered from passenger list (arrival in NY Mar. 1906) that he was going to Roxbury to see his brother, FRANCIS LOUGHLIN. He ended up moving back to NY to Queens, where he and his wife, MARY MULLIGAN settled in Jamaica. He also had a cousin, PETER LOUGHLIN, in Brooklyn. Ring any bells?
Moira Laughlin Yellow Springs, OH
Date: Date: 10 Nov 1999 Time: 09:37:57
Very nice web site, particularly the links to other Leitrim sites. Ed McCabe - Warwick, RI
Date: 22 Dec 1999 Time: 11:16:18
What a delight to find this site, as well as another Michael Sorohan! My family comes from County Cavan, so I am sure there is a connection. I am based in Virginia, but will be sure to look you up when I'm in Boston again (I have family in Waltham).
Mike Sorohan 6707 Donegan Court Alexandria, VA 22315
Date: 22 Dec 1999 Time: 17:41:39
Glenfarne GAA website now available at
Date: 04 Jan 2000 Time: 11:38:32
Great site, nice to see Leitrim will represented overseas. Just a note to let you know that the fortunes of Leitrim's football and hurling teams can be followed at Any questions just Email me at
Breifne Earley P.R.O. Leitrim Co. Board
Date:04 Jan 2000 Time: 19:59:50
hi y'all ! a happy new millenium to everyone on here ! special thanx to jim gallagher for linking me to your "cuzzin" in cranston. t. has been especially helpful in my quest for the tague "holy grail" thanxxx jim. from so. texas, dick tague
Date: 07 Jan 2000 Time: 15:02:46
My name is Ray McWeeny and I live in Arlington Hts.IL a suburb of Chicago. My great grandfather migrated to the US from Leitrim in 1845. His name was James McWeeny. He arrived with his three sisters Mary, Ellen and Elizabeth. We know that Ellen and James eventually ended up in Wisconsin, but we have no record of Mary or Elizabeth. We think they may have stayed in New York. We know James was in upstate New York for a time on his way west. We think that all four arrived by way of Boston but we can't document it. Connected to your Web site while reading about a trip to Leitrim on the net. Just wanted to let you know there are many people in the Midwest whose origins are Leitrim.
Date: 12 Jan 2000 Time: 19:40:20
I hope this society and many others in the Boston area are outraged by Rep. Storey's remarks blaming the Irish Catholics for the poor care of the mentally disabled! It is like going back years when all ills in the Boston society were blamed on the Irish. SPEAK UP!
Date: 01 Mar 2000 Time: 00:44:00
Looking for connections to my great aunt Brigid Keegan (known as Beasie) born Jan. 17, 1868 in Eden Dowra (Ballenaglera)who immigrated to Boston (probably in the 1920's) possibly with another sibling. Either she or the sibling (if it were a sister) married a man named Donahue (or some variation) who had been living in Brooklyn. My aunt, Helen (Ellen, Nellie)lived with her/them when she first came, but after she moved to New York, where my mother (Mary Keegan) and their maternal aunt (Anne Jane Flynn Mulvey McNicolas) were living, all lost contact with them. Any Donahue/Keegans still in Boston ?
Date: 01 Mar 2000 Time: 00:47:44
If you have Keegan/Donahue information that might match you can contact me at:
Date: 18 Apr 2000
We had a great time at the Leitrim Spring dance on Sunday, April 16th. It was a great chance to get everyone together and it was nice to see a huge support for County Leitrim in the Boston area. I look forward to the upcoming events. Keep up the good work on the Web site!!!!
Date: 22 Apr 2000 Time: 16:47:17
Hi, I am glad I found your Web Site. Very well put together, hats off to the Web Master. My family origins are from Mohill, Co. Leitrim. I am re-searching my family(Gilmartin)and found many of the Leitrim Surnames in the other messages which tie through marriages to my family. I would be nice if some how we can connect to those other message originators. Loughlin would be one of many. I have a lot of information to share on Leitrim surmames tied to Gilmartin. Again, a very nice web Page and I will be back to visit often.
You may contact me at: Regards, Gene Gilmartin - California
Date: 02 May 2000 Time: 22:07:30
Wonderful site! Loved reading the other entries also. Just returned from a marvelous journey to County Leitrim. Found a fourth cousin, Eamon Tubman, in Fenagh. Really felt at home wandering the roads around Ballinamore. People could not have been kinder! Expect to return again. Sorry I am not in the Boston area to go to your meetings. Will have to convince my brothers to go. Leitrim ancestors were from the Ballinamore area, maybe Dermahilty Beg. They, the Fees (mother Catherine was a Tubman), immigrated to Boston, settling in Hingham 1849-1853!
Date: 02 May 2000 Time: 22:08:56
Forgot to add my e-mail to my (Fee and Tubman family)
Date: 03 May 2000 Time: 13:35:32
My father is Tom McWeeney of Ballinamore. I am in Boston/Cape Cod in July/August 2000. Is there anyone who knows of my family, they origanate from Crummy, Drumcong. Brendan McWeeney London
Date: 03 May 2000 Time: 17:44:01
Peter Shanley - Worcester Ma. Very good!!! Up Keshcarrigan!!!!
Date: 10 May 2000 Time: 10:04:35
Good day,Michael Faughn here, Am searcing for William Faughan, died 1758 in Va. according to family tradition, he was from Co. Leitrim. He is not on any ships list. Can anyone help me? Would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you, Michael O. Faughn
Date: 10 May 2000 Time: 10:09:29
Good day,Michael Faughn here, Am searcing for William Faughan, died 1758 in Va. according to family tradition, he was from Co. Leitrim. He is not on any ships list. Can anyone help me? Would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you, Michael O. Faughn
Date: 20 May 2000 Time: 18:30:24
Greetings to all at the Leitrim Society of Boston. We had our final meeting in May and will resume in September. Our trip to The Ferncliff will take place in June. I will not be in attendance this year. You did a nice job on your website. Congratulations!. My daughter is in the process of setting up a website for the Society in NY. I may be calling on you for help.Have a safe and happy summer. Special hello to Gene Mahon....
Catherine Mitchell Miceli. Leitrim Society of New York, treasurer and member Leitrim Society of Boston
Date: 11 Jun 2000 Time: 14:40:55
Nice web site Looking for info on gggrandparents, Patrick Mcglinn(McGlynn) and Catherine Guckian who family legend has it were from Leitrim, along the banks of the Shannon. Emigrated to the US around 1850 with several children, My ggrandfather John Paul the youngest who later went west to Snohomish and Skagit counties in Wash Terr.
Any info would be appreciated my email
Date: 24 Jul 2000 Time: 17:03:39
Like the site but could be updated a bit . We're two landscape artists living in leitrim and our work can be seen at We would like to put a link on your site
Date: 28 Jul 2000 Time: 09:16:44
Congratulations to the Leitrim football team for their win over Roscommon in the Connacht Semi-Final, Good Luck in the Connacht Final against Galway on July 30th.
Date: 03 Sep 2000 Time: 18:51:20
Great website, Lots of information. Enjoy viewing. Good Luck!! John Hartigan, Needham- Kilnagross
Date: 04 Oct 2000 Time: 04:51:17
Nice Site based on a grand spot in the Republic my maternal kin are from that area of the north west of Ireland.
Liam Suil
Date: 19 Oct 2000 Time: 05:48:41
Excellent photos - Trish Mc Govern
Date: 30 Oct 2000 Time: 11:25:27
Leitrim doesn't exsist. Heather#3
Date: 13 Nov 2000 Time: 13:35:42
i'm sorry but i live in ireland and leitrim does not exsist read all aboot it @ or e-mail me @
Date: 22 Nov 2000 Time: 18:54:09
i enjoyed your site and would like to be included in your links if possable.
Date: 22 Nov 2000 Time: 18:54:10
i enjoyed your site and would like to be included in your links if possable.
Date: 12 Dec 2000 Time: 20:45:45
Great site about a lovely county.
I was fortunate to be in Leitrim last weekend, but unfortunate I couldn't stay for any length of time, although stopped off at Cloone, Aughavas and Carrigallen. My father-in-law Larry Harahan is from Aughavas. Can anyone out there tell me the origin AND meaning of the name 'Harahan' ? I'm also trying to piece together bits of family details relating to Harahans which Larry has told me, and which I have obtained myself from graves in Aughavas and Carrigallen. If anyone has bits of family trees which include Harahans - or anything at all regarding the name - could they please give me the details by e-mail at Many thanks
Richard Keltie
Date: 05 Feb 2001 Time: 16:43:31
Just found your site while researching my gggrandfather born in Drumkeerin,Leitrim 1832. Looking for additional resources that will help me find my ties to Ireland. Any help to info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Brian Corcoran
Date: 16 Feb 2001 Time: 19:25:48
Excellent site!!! Long live County Leitrim!!!!
Sandra McCabe Conrad
Date: 02 Mar 2001 Time: 06:54:13
its a brilliant site and i wish the Society all the best in the future.
SIGNED:John Whitney
Date: 05 Mar 2001 Time: 17:06:20
Excellent site - brings tears to my eyes. We are slowly exerting or rightful world dominance. Liatroim abu.
Date: 09 Mar 2001 Time: 13:19:34
Enjoyed your website. Good job. Researching my McGovern and Cullen ancestors from Aghlin, Parish Oughteragh, Co. Leitrim. McGovern side immigrated in March 1849. Some settled in NYC, Mississippi, and Texas. There were some of my Cullens living in Aghlin until the 1950's.
Don McGovern
Date: 03 Jun 2001 Time: 17:18:06
Finally had the pleasure of visiting Ireland in March and driving through County Leitrim. My grandfather, Charles McCabe, emigrated from Leitrim to Boston. Leitrim is beautiful!!
Sandra McCabe Conrad
Date: 09 Jun 2001 Time: 13:29:52
Thumbs up to leitrim. It has risen above the clouds for all to see.bravo
The Tubman Family
Date: 09 Jun 2001 Time: 13:41:11
Thumbs up to leitrim. It has risen above the clouds for all to see.bravo
The Tubman Family
Date: 18 Jun 2001 Time: 14:37:33
Nice Web site. I stumbled across it looking for information
Date: 21 Jun 2001 Time: 12:31:24
Great Job ! I love your website, especially the photos. I am planning to be in Ballinamore at Christmas 2001 with four family members and would like to find my greatgrandparents' (John Tague from Muckros) graves at Fenagh Abbey. Anyone know how to go about finding their location in the cemetery? I would like to find their house in Muckros. Should I go to the geneological society for this info? Am thinking of staying in Bundoran .. is that an easy commute? Thinking about staying in Ballinamore but worried everything will be closed.
Many thanks for any info! .... Jackie
Date: 26 Jul 2001 Time: 16:16:17
I enjoyed this site and was drawn to it because my grandfather was born in Leitrim, Ireland in 1834- Patrick Shanley. My son lives in the Boston area- Norwood and thought I might be able to interest himin your society.
Date: 02 Sep 2001 Time: 05:48:04
I am a connolly of Kinlough / Manorhamilton . I see from your guestbook , someone want's to make contact ?