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Leitrim Society Dinner Banquet, September 30th

The First Annual Leitrim Society Dinner Dance will be held on , September 30th, at Concannon's Irish Village, Lenox St, Norwood, MA.

Cocktails will be at 7 pm, and Dinner will be at 8 pm. Music will be by Erin's Melody.

Tickets are $32 by person, and are available by advance purchase only. For more information or tickets call Theresa Mawn at 781-324-8261, or Jim Gallagher at 781-444-7037.

All members and friends are encouraged to attend, and a great night is guaranteed!

 Next Monthly Meeting on Monday October 2nd 

The monthly meeting of the Leitrim Society will be held on Monday October 2nd ,   2000. Please make every effort to join us in the function room of the Castlebar, Oak Square, Brighton at 8 p.m.

Topics, which will be discussed, include:

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